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Adelaide Granny Flats is a company that specialises in crafting high-quality, bespoke backyard studio and outdoor rooms in Adelaide. Our dedicated team combines expert knowledge with precision and care to ensure every project meets our high standards.

As a seasoned granny flat builder, we understand the importance of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. We utilise the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Whether you’re looking for an extra living area or an add-on garden shed studio in your backyard, our commitment to excellence makes us your ideal partner in construction. You can rely on us to bring your vision to life with efficiency and expertise.

Our Outdoor Building Solutions

Enhance your property with our diverse range of outdoor building solutions. Our expertly crafted structures cater to various needs, from entertainment to private retreats, incorporating innovative designs and quality materials.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Rumpus Room

Our rumpus rooms offer a flexible space ideal for kids’ activities, entertainment, or relaxation. Constructed with high-quality materials, they provide a durable and vibrant environment where your family can play and unwind together.

These rooms are also soundproofed to keep noise contained, making them perfect for lively games or teen hangouts. Plus, the easy-clean surfaces mean spills and messes won’t be a headache.

Outdoor Studio Room

Enhance your creativity with our bespoke outdoor studio rooms, perfect for artists and hobbyists. These spaces are designed to inspire, providing a tranquil setting that complements your home and encourages productivity.

Large windows allow for abundant natural light, making them ideal for painters or photographers. Additionally, climate control can be integrated to ensure comfort all year round.

Studio Room

Tailored to fit your property, our studio rooms offer a peaceful retreat for work or hobbies. A backyard studio in Adelaide can be built quickly and efficiently while providing a private space without disrupting your daily life.

These studios are also customizable with various interior finishes and layout options to suit your specific needs. Eco-friendly materials can be used to reduce environmental impact.

Teenage Retreat

Give your teenagers their own space with our teenage retreats. These areas are great for studying, gaming, or just chilling out with friends. You can give your loved ones the independence they need while keeping them close to home. The design includes modern tech fittings, such as USB ports and Wi-Fi boosters, to cater to all their digital needs. Acoustic insulation ensures peace for the rest of the house.

Backyard Room

Looking for a home office, gym, or extra bedroom? Our backyard rooms are versatile, stylish, and functional. Each space we make is ideal for any use you imagine, right in your own backyard.

We also ensure that these rooms are energy-efficient, helping to keep running costs low and comfort high. Custom fittings like bi-fold doors or skylights can enhance the space further.

Studio Builders

Our team of skilled studio builders excels in creating prefab outdoor rooms in Adelaide that are both elegant and practical. We work with you to ensure your new space meets all your needs with top-notch design and sustainability in mind.

Our builders use advanced techniques that speed up construction without sacrificing quality. Plus, we coordinate all aspects from permits to final touches, simplifying the process for you.

Outdoor Rooms in Adelaide for Flexible Living

Looking to add some extra space at home quickly? Whether you’re thinking about a new studio in your garden or a multi-purpose room in your backyard, we can help turn your vision into reality—fast. 

Our outdoor rooms in Adelaide are built quickly just like prefab spaces but with lasting quality. They are perfect for anything from a home office to an art space or just a cosy spot to unwind.

We design each studio to match your garden’s style and your home’s look, making sure it fits perfectly with your outdoor setting. It’s all about creating a space that feels right for you without the long wait typically involved in home extensions.

Choose our quick construction options for a hassle-free way to extend your living space. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your new studio comes together, ready for you to enjoy for work, play, or relaxation.

Why Choose Us for Garden Studios

Thinking about adding a studio to your garden or backyard? Choose us for a garden studio that adds both value and joy to your home life. 

Here are some great reasons to pick us over others:

Tailored Designs

We craft each studio to blend beautifully with your outdoor setting, making it look like a natural part of your garden. Our design team pays close attention to details like orientation, lighting, and landscaping to ensure that your new studio complements the existing elements of your property. By harmonising aesthetics with functionality, we create a space that’s not only practical but also visually appealing.

Fast Build

Our team works quickly and cleanly so you get your new space without a lengthy construction process. We use efficient building methods and manage schedules tightly, allowing for a swift completion without compromising on quality. This approach minimises disruption to your daily life and gets you enjoying your new studio sooner.

Flexible Use

Need a quiet place to work, a spot for your hobbies, or just extra space to chill? We can customise your studio for whatever you need. Whether it’s soundproofing for music production, ample natural light for an artist's studio, or built-in storage for craft supplies, we tailor every aspect of your studio to suit your specific requirements.

Durable Materials

We choose high-quality materials that stand up to the weather and last a long time, so your investment is protected. From robust framing choices to weather-resistant exteriors, every material we select is tested to withstand the harsh elements. This durability ensures your studio remains in excellent condition, maintaining its value and functionality over the years.

Friendly Experts

From start to finish, our team is there to help make sure your studio project goes smoothly, and you’re happy with the result. Our experts are approachable and knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions and provide guidance every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and a personalised experience throughout the construction process.

Our 5-Step Construction Process

Starting a new building project is exciting, and at Adelaide Granny Flats, we make sure it’s also easy and clear. We make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently — from first assessment to the final handover.

Take a look at our five-step construction process below for guidance.


Step 1: Site Assessment

First up, we’ll come to check out your property. Our team looks at everything from the lay of the land to the access points to ensure we design something that fits your space perfectly and meets all local regulations. We also consider environmental factors and potential challenges to incorporate resilient solutions.

Step 2: Get Free Quote

Next, we provide a detailed quote that covers all the costs involved. This way, you know exactly what to expect financially, with no hidden surprises. It’s all about making sure you’re fully informed and ready to move forward. Transparency in costing helps you plan your budget effectively, setting clear financial expectations from the start.


Step 3: Sign Contract

We’ll get the paperwork sorted once you’re happy with the quote. The contract will outline everything from timelines to payment schedules, making sure both parties know what’s expected. This step sets everything in motion for the actual build. Your agreement ensures that all legalities are addressed, securing a smooth construction phase.


Step 4: Begin Construction

Now, the real work begins. Our team takes care of all the building details, ensuring that everything from the foundation to the roof is done right. We keep you in the loop with regular updates as your new space takes shape. Each stage is carefully managed to adhere to the highest standards and timelines.

Step 5: Handover Project

The final step is the most rewarding—handing over the completed project. We’ll walk you through your new studio or flat, making sure every detail is exactly how you envisioned. Once everything checks out, it’s all yours to enjoy! We take pride in seeing your satisfaction as you explore your new environment.


Get Your Custom Backyard Studio in Adelaide Today

We’re known for building beautiful custom studios right here in and around Adelaide. Whether you’re looking to add a charming garden studio to your backyard or need a practical garden shed studio, we’re the experts you can trust.

To make sure every project turns out just right, we focus on 3 key elements:

  • Materials: We choose top-notch materials that are tough enough to handle the weather and still look great.
  • Layout: We carefully plan each studio to ensure it’s both functional and stylish, making the most of every space.
  • Integration: We make sure your new studio fits perfectly with your existing outdoor area, enhancing the look and feel of your home.

Our backyard studios are not just functional but designed to make your outdoor space more enjoyable. Each project is tailored to fit your requirements and lifestyle, from garden sheds to expansive studios. We focus on making the most of your outdoor area, creating spaces that are perfect for work, creativity, or just a little extra relaxation.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your home with a garden studio or a versatile shed, Adelaide Granny Flats offers the expertise and craftsmanship to bring your vision to life. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to builder for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoors.